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Physical Therapy for Your Most Intimate Needs

Confident Pelvic Rehab offers personalized pelvic floor physical therapy that helps clients solve their most intimate concerns. Dr. Sara Sohn is a doctor of physical therapy, a board certified pelvic health specialist and a sex coach. 

Dr. Sara prides herself on being an inclusive provider and safe space for anyone regardless of gender, religion, lifestyle or sexuality. Her business is personable, you will always see Dr. Sara and all visits are between one and two hours!    

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What Services are Offered?

 Physical Therapy

Individualized Pelvic Floor Physical therapy services are offered both online and in-person for clients located in Jacksonville, Florida. She utilizes effective solutions for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction such as; incontinence, prolapse. postpartum concerns, pelvic pain, vaginismus, prostatitis and more. 

 Sex coaching 

Online consulting with Dr. Sara Sohn is tailored to your life needs. Dr. Sara is personable and goal oriented to help you cultivate the life of your dreams. It's like having a best friend, pelvic health advocate and sex coach all in one!

Dr. Sara offers wellness advice for weight loss, habit change and intimacy. Her intimacy coaching offers a safe space for all individuals. 

Where is Confident Pelvic Rehab?

New mothers and entrepreneurs in particular have a hard time finding sleep, let alone time for therapy. This is why Dr. Sara offers several options for your care: 

  •  In-home concierge medicine for clients located in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Online visits
  • An out of town intensive program for clients visiting 
  • 2 Convenient locations (Sunbeam rd and Jax Beach) 

What Does Effective Treatment Look Like?


Phase 1: Coordination 

The first goal in treatment is to make your day better. Here we target the specific pain problems and immediate concerns that you are having. In this phase we begin to develop a daily routine that combines exercise, diet, mindset, and pain neuroscience to help you feel great in your body again.


Phase 2: Strengthening

In this phase we target the specific muscle groups that are causing you difficulty throughout the day and make sure they are activating properly. We develop an exercise routine that fits your needs and addresses concerns of your pelvic floor, low back, hips, abdominals, and pelvic girdle. We combine powerful dietary and lifestyle changes that will be the catalyst towards dramatic improvements in your incontinence, overall comfort during the day and you will gradually notice that intimacy is joyful again.


Phase 3: Stay Continent and Pain Free 

During the last phase of treatment we solidify a home program and an emergency action plan for if incontinence or pain were to ever creep back into your life. This is to ensure that you feel confident in your own ability to heal your body. In this phase we get back to the life you want most by practicing the specific activities that are most important to you with proper body mechanics. By the end of treatment you will have a solid daily routine combining exercise, mindset and nutrition, restored confidence during intimacy and feel free from the burdens that incontinence once caused you.

What to Expect

Continence & Confidence

It is never normal to dribble when you giggle, or be afraid to laugh, jump, or play with your kids because of leakage. Dr. Sara uses the most effective solutions to ensure that you never have to say no to an activity because of fear.  Some clients feel as though they must run to the bathroom many times a day, others leak urine, feces or both. Regardless of your concern, Dr. Sara offers a safe space with effective solutions to become free from fear of incontinence. 

Nutrition Guidance

Many foods affect your bladder and bowel health. Having lost 80 lbs pounds herself, Dr. Sara knows just how many limitations there are to changing your lifestyle. She will provide you with actionable steps towards control of your bowels, bladder, and life. 


 Dr. Sohn is an advocate for sex education and helping her clients to feel confident in their body again. Her approach to healthcare is compassionate and gentle with a genuine passion for providing solutions to sex-related concerns.  She can work with you alone or with you and your partner to provide steps to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Dr. Sara Sohn DPT, PT, WCS She/Her


 Dr. Sara is a board certified pelvic floor specialist. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of North Florida and went onto complete certification in pelvic health through the American Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Sara is  an expert in helping people with their most intimate needs including: leakage, chronic pain and sexual dysfunction. She has helped clients from around the world feel confident and enjoy amazing intimacy. 

She started Confident Pelvic Rehab so that she could offer a safe space for all individuals to learn how to feel better in their own skin and return to the activities they love without leakage or chronic pain. On her free time she enjoys spending time in nature with her dog and loved ones as well as solo traveling. She has traveled as far as Antarctica with just a backpack and an adventurous spirit. 

Here What People Are Saying



Sara created a comfortable and inviting environment 

I enjoyed Dr. Sara's holistic and patient-centered approach to my care as she guided me through multiple exercises. She focused on my form and provided me with modifications when I was unable to perform certain exercises. Not only is she an excellent teacher and provider, her warmth and encouragement assisted me in staying motivated throughout the program. I would 100% recommend Sara as a pelvic floor physical therapist.


Mom & Author

 Im grateful for her passion and expertise.

I received a consultation with Dr. Sara and after listening to my background she came up with a specialized program just for me. The work we did together helped me do physical things I hadn't been able to do in years. Not only did my physical health improve, but so did my mental health. Her time, attention, patience and enthusiasm were invaluable to my progress. Im grateful for her passion and expertise.


Dr. of Chiropractic Medicine

This is something every woman needs and deserves.

I count myself blessed to work with Dr. Sara. She really takes the time to make me feel comfortable and I feel encouraged during every appointment. This is a hard area to talk about and to work on. She truly creates a safe space for vulnerability. She is also fun and makes it not wierd to talk about your pelvic floor. This is something every woman needs and deserves. Do this for yourself!

Don't have expensive surgeries and spend years healing!

Many clients suffer with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction for years. They often think that either their symptoms are normal or they see many providers  that offer temporary medications and very expensive surgeries.

How expensive?

Doctor Specialist Visits-$1,000+/yr

Incontinence Laser Treatments- $3000

Pelvic Pain Surgery -$5,000+/year

Sacral Nerve Stimulators- $22,000 

Although insurance may cover some of these expenses, these costs do not include the emotional burden that finding the wrong solutions can cause.

For information about cost effective treatment options - that your doctor may not know about  book a consultation with Dr. Sara. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

Our results speak for themselves. That is why we offer a 14-day money back guarantee after the first visit We know that you will be so happy with your results  that you will want to share your experience with friends about how truly life changing being free from incontinence and pain has been for you.

Steps to Confidence

Ready to live confidently without incontinence? 

  • Book a consultation. The cost of the consultation will be deducted from a first visit and will be a chance to talk to Dr. Sara without interruption and ask any questions that you have. 
  • Two hour evaluation The two hour evaluation will allow us to understand the puzzle behind WHY you are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. 
  • That's it! You now have a path towards living life with confidence. 

A personal note...

I've been in your shoes. I know what it's like to feel alone and like you are the only person in the world struggling with your symptoms. I know what it's like to feel embarrassed in your own body and frustrated every time that you exercise to try and improve your self esteem. 

This business is a labor of love and passion towards bettering the care that is provided to patients with pelvic floor concerns. I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my time and I am filled with gratitude every time someone tells me, "Wow, I really can't believe how much you have helped me. Thank you!"

If I have learned anything this past year during the global pandemic, it's this: Now is the time!  I am proud of you for  taking back your life and taking the first steps towards a healthier more confident you. I take pride in the practice I have created and I can't wait for you to enjoy amazing results. Let us knockout your incontinence and pelvic pain forever! 

Want my Favorite Books?

Feel free to message me any questions and/or I will send you a list of my top ten favorite pelvic health books.

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